By Use

A canopy, shelter, or shade from Broxap opens up possibilities, enabling activity and helping to make everyday life more comfortable and secure.

A canopy can enhance a facility, creating the right space and environment for additional services such as a rest area for hospital staff away from the main buildings.

A shelter can offer functionality, supporting users in the completion of their tasks like in a cycle parking hub.

At Broxap, our bespoke shelters have even become works of art, incorporating design features and capturing a concept in raw materials. A canopy can offer protection, keeping people and belongings safe. Our products guide pedestrians, such as with a covered walkway, or pinpoint important locations by framing entrance sites or providing shelter at busy junctions like at car park pay and display areas. Shades and shelters offer respite, a place to catch a breath. They can be used for outdoor classrooms or learning quarters, giving young people a fresh air boost in a safe, self-contained zone.

Outdoor dining becomes a pleasure with the addition of a canopy, giving just the right amount of cover and light so users can enjoy their breaks without hassle.

A shelter from Broxap can make waiting or queuing a more positive experience, with inbuilt seating and lighting. And for a captive audience, such as at outdoor performances or sports events, focus will stay pointed in the right direction with viewers dry and snug under a cover.

Broxap has more than two decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke canopies, built to BS EN 1990 standards. We take pride in delivering safe, strong and secure products made from high quality, long-lasting materials.

Our shelters can be adapted to a wide range of sectors and uses, with our experienced teams on hand to guide clients through their canopy project.