Hoop Barriers

A selection of height restriction, fixed and moving barriers to control vehicle heights and secure access to and from buildings and premises.

Our comprehensive range of access control barriers are designed to control vehicle entry to and from determined areas, for example, car parks, staff parking areas, park and ride facilities, roadside verges, slip roads, industrial estates, garage forecourt developments and perimeters.

Manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium components, these barriers are essential when controlling volumes of incoming and outgoing vehicular traffic

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4 Items

  1. BX14 Hoop Barriers
    BX14/HOOP BX14 Hoop Barriers
    From £48.00
  2. Door Barrier with Tapping Plate/Bar
    BX14 6620 Door Barrier with Tapping Bar DDA Compliant suitable for EV charging
    From £99.00
  3. Heavy Duty Hoop Barrier
    BX14 6000 Mild Steel Hoop Barrier
    From £85.00
  4. Door Barrier
    BX14/DB Door Barrier
    From £87.00
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4 Items