Litter Bins
Do you supply spare keys for litter bins?
Yes we do.  Please contact our sales team on 0844 800 4085  so that we can identify which key you require.
Do you offer refurbishment on litter bins?
Yes we do. A number of people choose to refurbish a litter bin to enhance a tired appearance, or to prolong the life of a bin. The cost of refurbishment is about 40% of the cost of a new bin. Ongoing long term refurbishment contracts are available on request. Just contact our litter bins department for more information.
What is an anti-fly posting finish?
Anti-fly poster coating is a mixture of resin and sand which provides an uneven finish making the surfaces difficult for posters to adhere. View all litter bin optional extras.
Can I add a logo on my litter bin?
Yes, logos can be added to litter bins. Contact us for more information.
How does the bait base work?
The bait base is an optional extra available on our range of litter bins. The litter bin is manufactured with a chamber with a hinged lid, which is accessible once the liner is removed. The poison bait is then placed. The rodent enters the chamber via access holes and takes the poison back to the nest.
I need a new liner, are they easy to obtain?
Yes, additional liners are available. Contact us for more information.
What is meant by litre size?
This is the capacity of the liner within the litter bin.
What materials are litter bins available in?
Litter bins are available in a range of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, timber and plastic.
What are the optional extras available on litter bins?
Litter bins are available with a range of optional extras. For further information view the Litter Bin Options page.