shelters FAQsshelters FAQs

How many cycles can I fit in a cycle locker?
A single sided locker can fit one cycle.  A double sided locker can fit two cycles.
What is the recommended spacing for Lean to Cycle Stands?
We would recommend 800mm centres as standard in-between stands this will allow you to easily manoeuvre cycles in and out of positions.
Will my Shelter be watertight to the Building?
As standard a gap of 50mm will be left between the shelter and a building. However, further protection from the elements can be offered in the form of a weather resistant barrier. For more information on weather resistance barriers please contact a member of our Sales Team.
Can I have an enclosed Shelter?
Yes, we offer a range of options such as PVC roll up panels, Roller Shutter Doors and PETg UV Side Panels. For more information and ideas on how to enclose your shelter click here.
Can the framework of the Shelter be coated to any colour?
We offer a standard range of colours however any BS/RAL colour can be accommodated POA.
What items can be retro fitted?
Extensions to form banks of shelters, Roof extensions and guttering can all be added at a later date to suitable shelters.
How can security be increased in the shelters?
We can offer additional security through CCTV, lighting, high security panels and security gates. A range of Security measures can be offered, from simple Mesh Swinging or Sliding gates, Roller Shutter Doors, Automated Doors and much more. A wide range of locking mechanisms are available for access including Hasp and Staple, Digital, Mechanical locks, Keyed locks and Swipe card access.

What is the lead time on a Bespoke shelter?
The lead time on a Bespoke shelter is generally 10-12 weeks from point of order to installation. However on some occasions this can be improved on. If you require a shorter lead time please contact a member of our Sales team.
What is the lead time on a standard shelter?
The lead time on stock items (noted with an express delivery logo) is generally 1-2 weeks, made to order units that need to be manufactured can take 3-4 weeks. If you require a shorter lead time, please contact a member of our Sales team.
Can I Collect?
Yes you can collect the majority of our products from our Head Office in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Please contact a member of our Sales Team to discuss collections.
How are Shelters Supplied?
Our Shelters are supplied flat packed ready to install on site. The only exception to this being the Lunar and Sofco Junior Shelters which are fully assembled.

Installations & Maintenance
What Warranties and Guarantees do you offer?
Our Warranties and Guarantees can be viewed via this link.
What Cleaning/Maintenance will my canopy require?
Our Maintenance procedures can be viewed directly via our O&M Manuals. Alternatively Broxap can offer a Maintenance and Cleaning Service which will ensure peace of mind that your Canopy is receiving the best possible aftercare. To discuss our maintenance packages further please contact a member of our sales team.
Can I fix directly to Tarmac?
All of our shelters require concrete foundations in the form of concrete pads or a concrete base. If you would like a price for groundworks or for further information on foundation details please contact a member of our Sales team.
Do you provide an installation service?
Yes, we can provide a one stop shop from the initial site visit, to ordering your shelter, completing a site survey & groundworks along with an installation service. Please contact a member of our Sales team to discuss this in more detail and to obtain costs.

Planning Permission & Building Regulations
Will I need Planning Permission?
Initially you will need to contact your Local Authority to confirm if planning permission is required. If the answer is yes then Broxap can help you with this process. Simply enter your details to download our simple to use Planning Permission Guide.
What are Building Regulations and how will they affect me?
Building Regulations specify the standard to which a structure should be built i.e strength, fire ratings etc. All of our bespoke design structures are built to the following regulations; Steelwork is galvanised to BS 1461 – offering a minimum of 34 years and longer, subject to location BS EN 1990:2002+A1:2005 Eurocode – basis of structural design BS EN 1993-1-1:2005 Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures BS EN 1991-1-3:2003 Eurocode 1 – Snow Loads BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 Eurocode 1 – Wind Actions All design work is assessed and underwritten by an independent Structural Engineer. It is advisable that you contact your Local Building Control Officer to confirm if your canopy will need to conform to any specific Building Regulations. Our pre-designed “standard” products are engineered with considerations to the above standards. With their predetermined components/connections there may be certain sites (e.g. high altitude, coastal towns etc…) that require the standard products to...