Broxap can offer flexible, modular systems which help our customers to produce creative and unique signs. Supplying standard components such as columns, fingers, header and footer boards, and finials supports interchangeable combinations to be created. Our in-house drawing office can generate new concepts, using state of the art CAD technology and produce designs to client specification.


Broxap’s signage columns are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. Available in cast iron, ductile iron, cast aluminium and steel, columns can be provided with either flanged bases for bolting to a concrete base or with extended anchoring root for submerging below the finished ground level.

Customised colours, logos, crests and symbols can easily be incorporated within signage columns to allow integration into either an existing scheme or new development.

Finger Arms, Finials and Spacer Collars

The actual directional, information finger arms are cast in aluminium for maximum definition of characters and symbols. The use of symbols allows maximum use of space; bus stations, train stations, London underground, tourist information, telephones and toilets can all be signed by using symbols.

Finials can add a decorative “cap” to the column, or special arrangements can be produced to create a focal point. The “Tyne God” finial was specially designed and commissioned in this way.

Special collars provide small gaps between a cluster of arms to allow easier reading or the addition of future arms.

Picture Boards and Display Cases

Broxap’s display cases are durable frames enclosing variable information behind a transparent panel. They are ideal for community, council and tourist board uses, where notices, announcements and posters change regularly.

Display cases are generally priced on application and are ideal to enhance your existing location, as well as providing useful and valuable information within the notice board area. They can be wall mounted, bollard mounted, railing mounted, post mounted (with several post options), single or double sided, with or without doors. All cases may be manufactured to suit your requirements.

Casing and framework is fabricated from aluminium (the header board and footer board with all text logos are manufactured from cast aluminium). Posts are either mild steel or cast iron and the doors (hinged and lockable) are made from fabricated aluminium and glazed with impact resistant 6mm PETG.

The basic elements of a display system are panel frames, ornamental finials, header and footer boards; any combination of these can be used.

To resolve widespread problems caused by flyposting, Broxap’s information drums and panels can be used to identify sites where fly posting could occur in a controlled way.

Additionally picture frames can be used to hold town centre maps or “you are here signs”, whilst lockable front opening display cases can provide encapsulated information about local events.

Bespoke signage

Broxap also produce a wide range of bespoke signage systems which are either designed at our in-house drawing office which has full CAD facilities or to clients specification.

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