The History of Parklets

Parklets originally started as a small, temporary pavement extension which would often sit within a parking bay. These new green spaces would be host to benches and often greenery in the form of planters. Their initial aim was to provide pedestrians, shoppers and cafe goers with a place to rest, eat and enjoy whilst still being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life.

First introduced in San Francisco, USA in 2010, the parklet saw a massive success and were soon popping up all over the America. Subsequently, we have seen the trend appear across the UK too with London’s very first parklet appearing in 2015. The pocket park, started as a simple installation of greenery and a bench; from there they have become a staple in spaces with limited park areas.

Since its conception, a new generation of parklet, with cycle parking, art displays and floral planters have been seen springing-up across the globe.

Broxap's solution: what we can offer...

Established in 1946, Broxap are the leading street furniture specialists and we are on hand to turn your parklet streetscape ideas, into a reality.  Our diverse knowledge of the industry ensures that the products and services we create, are tailored to offer fully designed solutions for cost effective movable green spaces.

We fully utilise the expertise of our knowledgeable UK based teams who have been providing furniture and equipment to local authorities for many years. Our coordinating street furniture which includes planters, litter bins, seating and cycle parking can be used to create demarcated external spaces which will then become a central aspect to all high streets and local communities throughout the UK.

Our parklet system features modular structures which allow you to create a variety of different seating areas, cycle parking or even to provide decorative planting. The units allow for total flexibility, and allow you to either change the configurations or extend the parklet, as sites develop. By not requiring a concrete base, you can eliminate the need for expensive ground works and permanent installations, allowing each parklet to be moved to different locations. The flexible nature of these systems allows for quick assembly and a more cost effective way for improvements to towns and cities.

Browse our gallery below for images of our parklets in situ. From creating branded external dining spaces surrounded by natural foliage to contained on-street picnic spaces.

Broxap's parklets create unique and inviting social and dining areas for businesses and councils alike.

Social Distancing Parklets

2m Dining Parklet

Seating with Pods Parklet

Dining Pods Parklet

Economy Parklets (with or without base)

Economy Style Parklet

Economy Parklet with Family Area

Economy Parklet without Base 

Contemporary or Deluxe

Contemporary Style Parklet

Deluxe Style Parklet

Parklet with Artificial Grass



With our extensive range of products we are able to tailor each parklet to a multi-level of finish options from natural looking durable softwoods up to high end contemporary hardwood detailing.


Available options include: 

  • Mild Steel section Base with timber slatted floor section (available in FSC Softwood or Hardwood)
  • Mild Steel Pergola with timber detailing
  • Modular Benches, with mild steel frame  and timber slatted tops (available with  flat slats or heavy duty ‘chunky’ slats)
  • Option of benches to be fitted to Pergola
  • Option of benches to be fitted with PETb Barrier Screens
  • Modular Triangular Benches, with mild steel frame (powder coated or galvanised only finish) and timber slatted tops (available in either FSC Softwood or Hardwood slats)
  • Raised Podium benches, with mild steel frame (powder coated or galvanised only finish) and timber slatted tops (available in either FSC Softwood or Hardwood slats)
  • Cycle Parking Stand (available in Galvanised mild steel, powder coated or contemporary stainless steel)
  • Mild Steel & Timber Litterbin, Galvanized steel litter bin with powder coated frame and Hardwood slats
  • Picnic Unit with table and coordinating benches, with mild steel frame (powder coated or galvanised only finish) and timber slatted tops (available in either FSC Softwood or Hardwood slats with options of flat slats or heavy duty ‘chunky’ slats)
  • Fabric Shade Sail Canopy or timber pergola
  • Mild Steel Guardrail barriers with timber handrail detail

Our concept is to allow for a full design solution with pre-fabricated variations of seating configurations paired alongside decorative planters, with added details such as cycle parking stands or litterbins which can be used to maximise the usage of each area. Our units are designed to fit in standard parking spaces of spaces and will be provided in sections which allow for ease of transportation and manoeuvrability eliminating the need for specialist installations.

We offer a comprehensive design consultancy service so at any stage of a project, Broxap are able to provide flexible solutions to your design concepts.

Broxap Parklets will allow for the revitalisation of parking spaces into diverse green spaces, with communal seating to support neighbourhood interactions and improve social spaces.

For information regarding Broxap parklets please contact a member of our sales team using the contact form below or on 01782 564 411