Ashford Park Primary School, Middlesex

As part of this of the regeneration of the School Broxap were asked by E. W. Beard Ltd. to provide a series of classroom canopies and an external furniture package that included seating, cycle parking and litter bins.

Broxap designed and manufactured a series of Newcastle Monopitch canopies to sit directly outside each classroom providing shelter for outdoor lessons to each. There was also a requirement for a bespoke walkway to allow pupils and staff to traverse from one area of the school to the other and be dry during inclement weather. Broxap provided a complementing Newcastle Senior Monopitch walkway that spanned the area required taking into account curves in the pathway and turning accordingly to follow the pathway.

External furniture included stainless steel Derby Round Litter Bins, and Bespoke all timber benches.

Cycle and scooter parking were provided by a Cambridge Jnr cycle shelter and Sheffield Cycle Rack whilst scooters are stored in a double sided Broxap scooter rack.

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