Play Sculptures & Totems

Let your imagination run wild with our range of play sculptures and totems.

From let’s pretend to hide and seek, our magnificent carved creations add an extra dimension to any playground.

Not just for show, our sturdy sculptures are made for play and can even double up as furniture. They can be built around a play area theme or added to any recreation ground or open space to provide a talking point.

With sensory features, the range helps to make each playground a place where every child can enjoy new experiences. And by bringing people together, all visitors have the opportunity to learn through play.

Our timber play sculptures are right at home in the outdoors.

Farmyard animals, creatures from the deep and vehicles – complete with their own petrol pump – are among the artwork we produce for playgrounds.

They can create a fun adventure trail or be placed in an area for rest and relaxation. Dotted around our physical play equipment, the sculptures introduce an imaginative play element.

Sculptures can also assist teachers in outdoor education zones, complementing story time and role play. Learning about wildlife and nature is brought to life in a tangible way helping younger children to also build their language skills.

The educational element is explored further in our range of Totems.

These products encourage interaction and engagement through a series of tactile features such as spy holes and textured carvings.

Based on themes ranging through colour, time and sound, they are an excellent addition to any sensory garden. Our animal face totems are also brilliant value, adding an element of surprise and fun to any nature area.

From the practical to the magical, adding a play sculpture or totem brings a new depth of experience to your playground.

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  1. Dragonfly Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350007 Dragonfly Play Sculpture
    From £525.00
  2. Sheep Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350018 Sheep Play Sculpture
    From £565.00
  3. Swan Seat
    BX/HMP 350020 Swan Seat
    From £995.00
  4. Snake Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350019 Snake Play Sculpture
    From £765.00
  5. Snail Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350025 Snail Play Sculpture
    From £595.00
  6. Shark Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350017 Shark Play Sculpture
    From £995.00
  7. Raging Bull Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350015 Raging Bull Play Sculpture
    From £855.00
  8. Horse & Cart
    BX/HMP 350012 Horse & Cart
    From £1,075.00
  9. Grasshopper Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350010 Grasshopper Play Sculpture
    From £675.00
  10. Crocodile Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350006 Crocodile Play Sculpture
    From £885.00
  11. Cow Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350005 Cow Play Sculpture
    From £855.00
  12. Butterfly Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350003 Butterfly Play Sculpture
    From £885.00
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Items 1-12 of 25

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