Contemporary Litter Bins

In order to supply durable litter bins demonstrating European flare, Broxap have carefully selected a range of contemporary units from Nusser and Beck, to be made available to our clients as the sole supplier in the UK. The litter bins in this range are perfect for designing beautiful, streamlined outdoor spaces, alongside other external furnishings from Broxap to help tie your contemporary scheme together.

The Nusser designs are characterised by striking silhouettes coupled with a specially developed, multi-stage treatment process to ensure advanced corrosion resistance. Whilst the shapes employed by Beck are simpler, it is their high-end architectural paint finish which allows them to stand out.

With Nusser’s designs in stainless steel and Beck’s use of hot-dip galvanisation, this range offers high specification products which are stylish and robust. It is no wonder, therefore, that Broxap’s range of contemporary litter bins has been a hit with discerning architects and landscape designers of the UK.

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  1. Lilleshall Litter Bin
    BX11 A14 Lilleshall Lilleshall Litter Bin
    From £443.00
  2. Budworth Litter Bin
    BX11 A13 Budworth Budworth Litter Bin
    From £465.00
  3. Kingsley Litter Bin
    BX11 A1 Kingsley Kingsley Litter Bin
    From £530.00
  4. Blakemere Litter Bin
    BX11 A13K Blakemere Blakemere Litter Bin
    From £510.00
  5. Ravenfield Litter Bin
    BX11 A7AD Ravensfield Ravenfield Litter Bin
    From £1,143.00
  6. Redsmere Litter Bin
    BX11 A7F Redsmere Litter Bin
    From £979.00
  7. Kelshall Litter Bin
    BX11 A7G Kelshall Litter Bin
    From £978.00
  8. Marbury Litter Bin
    BX11 A7K Marbury Marbury Litter Bin
    From £944.00
  9. Little Leigh Litter Bin
    A170 Little Leigh Litter Bin
    From £499.00
  10. Tabley Litter Bin
    A110 Tabley Litter Bin
    From £459.00
  11. Tarporley Litter Bins
    A111 Tarporley Litter Bins
    From £520.00
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