Concrete and Granite Benches

Concrete and granite benches and seats provide a streamlined and stylish look, while retaining hard wearing properties and the strength of the material. Our selection of robust concrete and granite seating is constructed from solid concrete, providing a secure solution whilst maintaining an attractive, contemporary look and feel that will enhance and promote your existing building or outdoor area.

There are several finishes available which are applicable to selected concrete seats and benches - from a plain dressed white finish, to a more stylish and contemporary polished 'marble look'. Our granite seats and benches are constructed from highly durable and ever popular natural stone. Granite is available in a wide variety of colours and textures, and is suitable for almost any kind of external application.

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  1. Fallowfield Bench
    BX21 1001 Fallowfield Bench
    From £641.00
  2. Timperley Concrete Bench at Essa Academy
    BX21 1002 Timperley Concrete Bench
    From £1,737.00
  3. Burnage Concrete Cube
    BX21 1006 Burnage Concrete Cube
    From £228.00
  4. Bredbury Concrete Bench
    BX21 1003 Bredbury Concrete Bench
    From £642.00
  5. Gorton Concrete Cube Seat
    BX21 1000 Gorton Concrete Cube Seat
    From £421.00
  6. Harpurhey Concrete Cube
    BX21 1005 Harpurhey Concrete Cube
    From £214.00
  7. Holcombe Concrete Seat
    BX21 1007 Holcombe Concrete Seat
    From £725.00
  8. Sale Concrete Bench
    BX21 1022 Sale Concrete Bench
    From £1,683.00
  9. Crimble Concrete Bench
    BX21 1004 Crimble Concrete Bench
    From £657.00
  10. Marple Bench
    BX21 1021 Marple Bench
    From £1,469.00
  11. Tintwhistle Concrete Seat
    BX21 1008 Tintwhistle Concrete Seat
    From £384.00
  12. Whitefield Concrete Cube
    BX21 1023 Whitefield Concrete Cube
    From £1,000.00
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Items 1-12 of 43

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