Concrete Benches

Concrete benches offer a contemporary and stylish design whilst being durable and robust. Our concrete benches offer optimum strength to withstand daily use. Concrete benches require minimal maintenance. Broxap’s range of concrete benches and seats are available in a variety of designs, finishes and colours to suit any application. Concrete benches are ideal for urban locations. Similarly, we also offer granite benches, which have similar properties to concrete benches. 

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  1. Medium Andromeda
    BX27 2025 Small Andromeda
    From £407.00
  2. Large Andromeda
    BX27 2050 Large Andromeda
    From £709.00
  3. Andromeda Table
    BX27 2057 Andromeda Table
    From £567.00
  4. Lithos Standard
    BX27 Lithos Lithos Standard
    From £496.00
  5. Lithos Wood Mini
    BX27 1600/1 Lithos Wood Mini
  6. Lithos Mega
    BX27 Mega Lithos Lithos Mega
    From £1,305.00
  7. Hydra
    BX27 Hydra Hydra
    From £605.00
  8. Auriga
    BX27 Auriga Auriga
    From £1,033.00
  9. Folia
    BX27 Folia Folia
    From £932.00
  10. Dalia
    BX27 Dalia Dalia
  11. EOS Single Seater
    BX27 EOS EOS Single Seater
    From £311.00
  12. Aster
    BX27 Aster Aster
    From £656.00
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Items 13-24 of 32