Lockable Cycle Shelters, Compounds and Cycle Hubs

Secure cycle hubs and cycle compounds provide a high security, durable and attractive solution for cycle parking. Cycle hubs and cycle compounds provide a secure cycle facility where users can leave their cycles in confidence. Cycle hubs and compounds can be bespoke designed and constructed from high density mesh or toughened glass.

Cycle hubs and compounds provide an area where multiple cycles can be parked within a dry and secure space. They are ideal for universities, cities, train stations and more where a large number of cycles need to be parked. Cycles are parked within the cycle hub or compound onto Sheffield or Harrogate cycle racks or cycle stands by users own cycle lock.

Cycle hubs and compounds can be designed to suit existing surroundings and requirements. They can include high security options such as access gates which are only accessible with an electronic key or swipe card, CCTV and toughened glass. Bespoke graphics can be added to the cycle hubs and compounds to enhance the appearance or to provide parking information. Cycle lockers can also be installed within cycle hubs and cycle compounds to create an internal storage area.

Broxap designed and manufactured the TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) cycle hub. The TFGM cycle hub was large enough to accommodate 45 cycles and included a duo pitched polycarbonate roof, CCTV, automated swipe card system and high security glass doors.

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