Street Furniture

Broxap has been designing, manufacturing and installing street furniture products since 1946. Our street furniture collection is durable and ergonomically designed, and we have used our expertise to bring together an extensive portfolio of brands so you can create distinctive and unique landscape transformations.

The concepts for open spaces is often visualised by architects and town planners and Broxap can help to create a strong yet attractive solution to any given communal area.

Broxap's Street Furniture range includes a wide variety of bollards in materials such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Polyurethane (PU), recycled plastic, timber and concrete; these are all high quality and can be used for demarcation or access control purposes, many can incorporate logos, crests or highlighted elements. There is also a range of heavy duty lockable telescopic versions ideal for locations which require periodic access. To complement our bollard range we also have a wide selection of post and rail many of which derives from an existing bollard shape but possesses railing or chain adaptions to create pedestrian parapets or balustrade, ideal for sea wall perimeters or kerbside applications. Broxap can also produce internal balustrade which is attractive and functional.

Seating from Broxap can be traditional or contemporary in style, materials range from cast iron, steel, stainless steel, timber, recycled plastic and concrete. Along with our seating collections there is also a range of picnic units in various materials. Seats can be utilised along with other elements such as Litter Bins and Recycling Units, Planters, Signage and Tree Protection to create suited furniture sets designed to be used in communal areas and open spaces throughout villages, towns and cities.

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