Access Control Posts & Barriers

Broxap produce a range of specially manufactured products to be used throughout areas of pedestrian access or heavy traffic usage. Our traffic management products complement each other and can be used to create a traffic calming scheme or to allow periodic access to traffic in a pedestrian zone.

We have removable and fold down posts ideal for car parks, they can also be used to block traffic and allow vehicles into certain areas. We also provide durable pedestrian guardrails and barriers to protect both pedestrians and other car users; likewise they define road side to defer collisions. Broxap can help the visibility of pedestrians for vehicle users to see when driving in a main road area.

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  1. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5370-LA Lift Assist Post
  2. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5379-LA Lift Assist Post
  3. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5371-LA Lift Assist Post
  4. Lift Assist Post
    BX20 5350-SQ-LA Lift Assist Post
  5. Light Duty Post Removable Bollard
    BX01 5508 Light Duty Post Removable Bollard
    From £96.00
  6. Medium Duty Security Post
    BX01 5507 Medium Duty Security Post
    From £107.00
  7. Georgian Telescopic Post
    BX20 5301-4 Georgian Telescopic Post
  8. Counterbalance Barrier
    BX01 5515 Counterbalance Barrier
    From £779.00
  9. Height Restriction Barrier
    BX01 5522 Height Restriction Barrier
    From £1,014.00
  10. Manual Rising Arm Barrier
    BX01 5600 Manual Rising Arm Barrier
    From £1,124.00
  11. Heavy Duty Removable Bollard
    BX01 5503 Heavy Duty Removable Bollard
    From £118.00
  12. Sunningdale PU Telescopic Bollard
    BXPU 1791-TEL Sunningdale PU Telescopic Bollard
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Items 1-12 of 33

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