Pedestrian Guardrails

Our range of specialised pedestrian guardrails are ideal for roadsides where heavy traffic flows. Guardrails provide extra protection for pedestrians. Broxap also offer a range of high visibility rail fencing which has staggered vertical bars. The staggered vertical bars allow more visibility to pedestrians through the barrier as well as enhanced visibility for drivers to see pedestrians.

Guardrail systems are specifically designed to meet various types of road conditions. Pedestrian guardrails can be supplied with separate open ended posts to allow maximum visibility. They are available with four types of infill bar arrangements to suit many applications (high speed, moderate speed, bends, bellmouths). Visibility gaps can be provided along with staggered infill bars which give the effect of extra space when viewed at an angle.
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  1. Pedestrian Guardrail
    BX14 4204 Staggered Bar Pedestrian Guardrail
    From £106.00
  2. Pedestrian Guardrail
    BX14 4205 Pedestrian Guardrail
    From £98.00
  3. Pedestrian Guardrail
    BX14 4206 High Visibility Pedestrian Guardrail
    From £108.00
  4. Pedestrian Guardrail
    BX14 4207 Pedestrian Guardrail - High Visibility
    From £102.00
  5. High Visibility Rail
    BX14 S1/S2/S4/S8 High Visibility Rail
    From £166.00
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