Revamping parks to level up access to green space

Revamping parks to level up access to green space
Revamping parks to level up access to green space
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New parks will be created and existing green spaces revamped under Government plans to spread opportunity and prosperity across the UK.
The Levelling Up Parks Fund has identified 85 neighbourhoods which are most deprived of outdoor space.
They are now eligible to access £9 million of government funding to boost community open spaces so people can come together to enjoy time in the outdoors.

Parks for wellbeing

Never before have our parks and green spaces come under such scrutiny.
As a result of the pandemic, the public have a new-found respect and love of parks and open spaces.
A survey by Natural England shows nearly half of adults in England report spending more time outdoors in 2022 than they did before the pandemic.
A total of 39% of respondents said nature and wildlife are more important than ever to wellbeing.
There is also a recognisable shift towards more outdoor socialising, while the warmer summers being experienced since 2020 and recent travel disruption is also drawing more people to green spaces closer to home.
However the People and Nature Survey revealed 26% of adults surveyed had not spent any time in green and natural spaces in the previous 14 days.
The type and quality of green space also varied depending on location with 48% of those living in towns and cities visiting an urban green space.

Parks for prosperity

The launch of the Levelling Up Parks Fund comes as planners and designers are also calling for green space and other amenities to be placed at the heart of new communities.
They are calling for a health first approach to planning, saying healthier and happy communities are more productive, leading to economic prosperity.
Provision of green space – along with the right infrastructure such as playgrounds and cycle parking – are said to promote healthy living and wellbeing.
With access to communal open areas, residents can be more active with more opportunities for social interaction.
As well as promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyles, green spaces can help to reduce exposure to environmental hazards.

Access to parks

Fields in Trust says its data shows 2.8 million people in Great Britain live more than a 10-minute walk from their nearest park.
It says communities, particularly in deprived neighbourhoods, typically do not have sufficient green space to thrive.
It agrees that green spaces are not just for health, wellbeing and the environment, but also for placemaking and social cohesion, resulting in stronger, sustainable and more equal communities.

Levelling Up Parks Fund

Eligible councils that opt into the fund will receive £85,000, with £47,500 capital for the creation or improvement of a park; up to £18,500 for prep, creation and maintenance; and £19,000 for tree planting and related costs.
The creation or improvement of a park includes hard landscaping such as natural play spaces, artwork, signs and benches as well as soft landscaping.
Consultants and landscape architects can be funded under the prep, creation and maintenance strand of the fund.
And the ‘Tree Uplift’ section covers the cost of the purchase, planting and related cost of trees in any of the urban spaces, such as grilles for street trees.
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