Frog Marsh, Bristol

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Frog Marsh, Bristol

Broxap worked closely with public realm designer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad and the ‘Friends of Bannerman Road’ group, which was set up by the former PTA of Bannerman Road Academy, to create an exciting community area, at the entrance to the school.

 The junction adjacent to the school was historically a major hazard to children at the school, with speeding issues and unsafe parking. A government initiative called Easton Safer Streets, were given the go ahead to pedestrianize this area, and the group were subsequently awarded a grant by the Road Safety Trust. This led to the designer working alongside pupils of the school and the local community, coming together to transform this new area into a permanent public space combining the art installation while also promoting road safety.

Broxap were approached to supply a range of bollards in different styles, which could be coated in one singular colour to create a playful collection of posts. With the key feature of the area being focussed on children’s safety, each bollard defines the edge of the new pedestrianized space, and gives clear demarcation between the new space and the roadside. The bollards weres finished in the same distinctive orange colour, to tie in other aspects such as the railway bridge and streetlamps, which contrasted with the main bright blue colour.

In total 30 different styles of Broxap bollards were used throughout the site, and we supplied them all in a polyurethane material as it is easy to maintain. With the addition of a few removable bollards, we were able to give the option for periodic vehicular access for maintenance or bridge access.

Due our extensive range of bollards available we were able to offer a wide range of different shaped bollards, ranging from our traditional style Hexham Bollard which has a fluted body and a pillar box style top, through to a more contemporary Llantrisant Bollard.

Other modern styles were added in, such as our Liverpool Bollard, which has a unique ribbed design and adds a tactile element to the area.  The mix of styles of bollards really adds to the aesthetics of the art installation, whilst turning the area into an inviting sociable space for children to play and also safely walk to school.

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Photo Credits: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad

10 months ago