Gloucester Railway Station

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Gloucester Railway Station

We were contracted by Geoffery Osbourne Ltd in late December 2017 to design a specialist railway station ticketing shelter booth. This was to contribute to the planned regeneration for the rear station carpark area. They also required the creation of an unmanned ticket booth to access that side of the station.

Broxap designed a bespoke shelter/booth complete with roller shutter doors to seal the shelter during non-operational periods. We then arrived on the newly developed site in July 2018 to install the shelter onto the pre-installed brick and concrete raised base and ramp. Osbourne Ltd created this foundation to allow access to the platform from the new carpark.

A tricky install for Broxap?

The shelter’s location was a raised platform. Hence, the large panes of laminated glass panels had to be hoisted into position with specialist lifting equipment. Broxap’s installers then successfully secured them in position.

Once we had completed the main structure we installed a series of louvre windows to allow airflow within the shelter. Following this, a third party added automated ticketing booths, internal lighting and CCTV. The booth opened to the public at the end of July.

To complement the new carpark/ticket booth, the station also asked Broxap to provide an Apollo Hi-Rise shelter with their Hi-Rise two tier cycle parking beneath which would allow customers the ability to cycle to the station and park extremely close to the new automated ticket booth.

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