Hastings, East Sussex

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Hastings, East Sussex

Visitors to a landmark seaside location will be encouraged to view more of the area thanks to new signage.
Additional guideposts and finger arms have been manufactured and supplied by Broxap Street Furniture to be installed throughout Hastings.
The historic town and borough is packed with attractions, historical features and a seafront that stretches for miles.
The ruins of Hastings Castle, including a plaque commemorating the 1066 Battle of Hastings, looks down over the town, while a labyrinth of caverns remains from the days of smugglers and bootleggers.
As part of the Wayfinding Project, run by East Sussex County Council and delivered by Hastings Borough Council, efforts are also being made to encourage more visitors to use public transport.
Under the Bexhill and Hastings Movement and Access programme, action is being taken to reduce congestion and pressure on parking, and improve transport links between the towns.
The new signage is aimed at helping people to find their way to and from bus and railway stations and promote cycle networks.
Working for contractor I S Consultancy, Broxap Street Furniture made six standard columns each with a cast iron base and mild steel shaft. These were given a waterside finish to protect them against the coastal conditions. Twelve mild steel column height extensions were also supplied.
A total of 129 finger arms of various sizes were also delivered, each in black with white highlighting to the words and border.
Fourteen finials completed the order.

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