Teesside University, Middlesbrough.

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Teesside University, Middlesbrough.

Teeside University are in the midst of a re-generation project which saw them update the entrance to their main campus.

The formally grassed area which separated the pavement and the building has been paved over to provide an open plan space which is more convenient for staff and students.

The brand new space has been completed with help from Broxap.

We have designed, manufactured and installed a range of different products which tie this great space together.

Firstly a distinctive entrance has been created using a bespoke Newcastle Monopitch entrance canopy which not only enhances the entrance,  but the practical style also provides both staff and students with a covered area which will protect them from adverse weather conditions.

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On top of the entrance canopy, Broxap have also installed seating for both staff and students too.

The modern Fallowfield bench embodies modernity, updating aesthetic of the area as well as providing a space for students to socialise.

On top of this a selection of trees have been planted in the area too and Broxap have provided protection to ensure that they remain there for many years to come.

You can browse our full range of tree grilles & protection online.

This restoration project is ongoing and in the years to come will see more buildings adding, and a huge refurbishment programme across the campus.

For more information on how Broxap products can improve your outdoor space, contact one of our trained advisors today.
2 years ago