The Strand, Rochdale.

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The Strand, Rochdale.

Broxap’s timber planters have added an element of natural beauty to a suburban residential area in Rochdale.

Broxap worked with Bardsley Construction Limited to provide an array of planters for a restoration project surrounding a non-residential core of a suburban estate.

The Strand is a new community space, which has replaced the existing retail units and has added a community café, healthcare centre and a new public square.

Broxap’s planters sit just outside the main hub, creating a perimeter between the new and the old.

The planters, which being designed in natural timber complement its contents bringing an element of rural beauty to this outdoor space. In addition to this the planters will create a natural sanctuary for wildlife to thrive.

Helping to encourage communities to think about their environment.

Furthermore, having beautiful spaces for communities to enjoy can help to promote social interaction and improve community relationships and spirit. This can go towards helping to tackle isolation as well as discouraging vandalism and littering.

Making small additions such as planters like these in community spaces can have big impacts everyone who lives there!

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2 years ago