Bicester Village, Oxfordshire.

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Bicester Village, Oxfordshire.

Broxap completed a project which saw them install cycle parking solutions for a Shopping Village in Oxfordshire.

Broxap were contacted by McDermott Building & Civil Engineering Ltd to provide a suitable cycle parking solution for one of their ongoing projects. The cycle parking needed to be specially designed to occupy an area of limited space, and as such a two tier cycle parking solution was advised.

Broxap were instructed that practicality needed to outweigh aesthetics, however we provided a solution which was not only fit for purpose, but looked the part too!

The Apollo Senior Hi-Rise Shelter was provided for the client, in its simplest galvanised form. This allowed a practical solution which was not only space saving but cost effective too.

Broxap often promote the use of sustainable travel, especially when talking about commutes to and from work. Therefore when we were approached to provide this shopping village with an appropriate cycle parking solution for both employees and shoppers, we were delighted to “rise” to the challenge.

Look at the video below for a quick “How to” on using the Apollo Hi-Rise:

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2 years ago