Bollards Fixings

Root Fixed

Root fixed is the most common type of fixing. The bollard has an extended root which is simply concreted into the ground.

root fixed bollards root fixed bollards

Base Plated

Ideal for when root fixing is not possible. The bollard is manufactured with a pre-drilled base plate to allow the bollard to be bolted to the surface of the ground.

base plated bollards base plated bollards


Removable bollards allow for occasional access. The bollard is supplier with a mild steel ground fixing socket with a hinged lid.  The ground fixing socket is

concreted into the ground and the bollard simply sits into the socket. When the bollard is in position the hinged lid of the socket rests on the side of the bollard. It may be padlocked to the bollard.

When the bollard is removed the lid folds down flush with the ground and covers the socket aperture.

removable bollards removable bollards


Telescopic bollards are ideal for traffic management and security for domestic and commercial properties. The telescopic post can be raised out of the ground and locked in an upright position using a push button locking mechanism. For periodic access the bollard can be lowered into the ground and covered by a flush fitting steel lid which prevents trip hazards and the build-up of dirt in the bollard socket. They are easy to operate and install and unlike a removable bollard they do not need to be taken off site for storage when not in use. The location of underground services need to be checked before installation.

Telescopic bollards Telescopic bollards