Versa Modular Seating Range

Our new Versa collection features a blend of modern design and natural elements, creating a perfect balance of style and functionality.

This range of steel-framed timber seating is designed to complement a variety of settings, from urban environments to natural landscapes. Whether you’re looking for seating options for parks, outdoor dining areas, or city streetscapes, our Versa collection offers customisable solutions to meet your needs.

Manufactured from high-quality steel and sustainably sourced timber, our seating range is built to withstand the elements while providing comfort and support. The combination of materials ensures longevity and easy maintenance, making our products ideal for outdoor use.  

With sleek lines, sturdy construction, and timeless appeal, our Versa steel-framed timber seating collection is sure to elevate any outdoor environment.

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  1. Versa Single Straight Bench - Delta leg
    Versa Modular Seating Range **NEW** Versa Modular Seating Range
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