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Our carefully curated range of cycle shelter accessories includes everything you need to enhance and optimise your cycle shelter experience. Explore our array of high-quality wheel holders, lockers and cycle stands and racks designed to meet the diverse needs of cyclists.

Our weather protection options ensure that bicycles remain shielded from the elements, while our space-saving solutions help maximise the utility of your cycle shelter.

Whether you're looking for an innovative storage solution or reliable repair stands, our collection offers a variety of practical and durable options to choose from.

Browse our selection and discover the perfect accessories and products to complement your cycle shelter, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for all cyclists.

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  1. Broxap Repair Stand
    BXMW BIKE-REPR-STND Broxap Indoor Repair Stand

    7 In Stock

  2. Bike Pump
    BXMW/BIKE-PUMP Broxap Bike Pump

    41 In Stock

  3. Wheel Holder
    BXMW/SS/WHE-HOL Wheel Holder

    24 In Stock

  4. Ecolock Horizontal Helmet Locker Compartments
    BXMW/HLC/5H Ecolock Horizontal Helmet Locker Compartments
    From £389.00
  5. Ecolock Vertical Helmet Locker Compartments
    BXMW/HLC/5V Ecolock Vertical Helmet Locker Compartments
  6. Tower Bridge Cycle Stand
    BXMW/TOB-LK Tower Bridge Cycle Stand

    168 In Stock

  7. Folding Bike Lockers
    BXMWFLDB Folding Bike Locker
  8. Thames Bridge Cycle Stand
    BXMW/THB Thames Bridge Cycle Stand
    From £102.00
  9. Neath Cycle Rack
    BXMW/NEA Neath Cycle Rack
    From £209.00
  10. Sheffield Cycle Stand
    BXMW/GS/Sheffield-Stand Sheffield Cycle Stand
    From £34.99
  11. Sheffield Cycle Rack
    BXMW/GS Sheffield Cycle Rack
    From £133.00
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11 Items