Polyurethane (PU) Bollards

Polyurethane (PU) bollards are ideal for waterside locations, petrol station forecourts and many others, including supermarkets, retail parks and shop frontage.

Broxap's Polyurethane (PU) bollards have a variety of fixing options to suit the chosen bollard and its location. Root, base plate, anti-ram, removable or durascopic fixings are available on most PU bollards. These can also be converted to PU bollard and rail, bollard and panel or bollard and chain options.

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  1. Manchester Duracast Polyurethane Bollard
    BXPU 1539-RT Manchester Duracast Polyurethane Bollard
    From £144.00
  2. Edinburgh PU Bollard
    BXPU 1646-RT Edinburgh PU Bollard
    From £153.00
  3. Plymouth PU Bollard
    BXPU 1768-RT Plymouth PU Bollard
    From £150.00
  4. Hexham PU Bollard
    BXPU 1520-RT Hexham PU Bollard
    From £152.00
  5. Morpeth PU Bollard
    BXPU 1761-RT Morpeth PU Bollard
    From £150.00
  6. Aspen PU Bollard
    BXPU 1711 Aspen PU Bollard
    From £159.00
  7. Croston PU Bollard
    BXPU 1731 Croston PU Bollard
    From £174.00
  8. Wolverhampton PU Bollard
    BXPU 1799-RT Wolverhampton PU Bollard
    From £146.00
  9. Exeter PU Bollard
    BXPU 1526 Exeter PU Bollard
    From £151.00
  10. Delavel PU Bollard
    BXPU 079-RT Delavel PU Bollard
    From £157.00
  11. Knot Mill PU Bollard
    BXPU 1581-RT Knot Mill PU Bollard
    From £166.00
  12. Stonecastle PU Bollard
    BXPU 1790 Stonecastle PU Bollard
    From £147.00
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Items 1-12 of 39