Multi-Use Games Areas


MUGAs have long been integral to thousands of parks, playgrounds, and sports fields. They provide choice and encourage activity in addition to simply separating groups. If you want to provide a single area which is suitable for football, netball, and basketball, then MUGAs are ideal. You can also use them for hockey and even racquet sports like tennis. The multi-sport aspect is provided by specially designed goal units, a key feature of the MUGA. There is also scope for other equipment depending on storage facilities and the aim of the area.

Though the enclosure and equipment are the most obvious aspects of MUGAs, there are other elements to consider. Floodlights ensure users are safe all through the year, even in the gloomy winter months. We also offer a choice of gates and entrances which we integrate into the fencing. Multi-coloured pitch markings elevate the user experience for those who want to play a more serious game. Finally, we provide surfacing options to improve the overall efficiency of our MUGAs.

FREE Site Survey and Design Service

We offer a FREE Site Survey and Design Service to help get your MUGA project started. We will provide expert advice on every aspect of the project.

How does it work?

We will send one of our experts to assess the potential installation site at your convenience. This will allow us to determine the location’s suitability and offer our advice on the best size and project specifications.

Our friendly expert will discuss various options with you such as floodlights, surfacing, fencing, and gates. Of course this will all be specific to your location, surroundings, aims, and type of product. This means if you are installing a MUGA it will also be necessary to discuss goal units and markings.

Following the site survey we will establish the optimal design for your project; you will receive an official quote along with a detailed concept image for your consideratio