Fibreglass Street Furniture

This fibreglass range includes a variety of composite outdoor furniture styles from quirky cube chairs and modular seating to planters and water features. Products are an alternative to the traditional timber, aluminium and plastic ranges of street furniture. The contemporary, colourful designs enhance any outdoor or indoor living space!

Choosing composite moulded street furniture offers durability, with an almost indefinite life expectancy. All the products are tough, hard-wearing and can withstand the worst of the British weather! There is no need to worry about the products corroding, becoming brittle in cold temperatures or distorting in heat.

These fibreglass outdoor furniture products are virtually maintenance-free and very easy to keep clean.

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  1. Halo Modular Circular Seating
    BX60 Halo Modular Circular Seating Halo Modular Circular Seating
    From £703.00
  2. Halo Single Planter
    BX60 Halo Single Planter Halo Single Planter
    From £737.00
  3. Corona Modular Circular Seating
    BX60 102 Corona Modular Circular Seating
    From £894.00
  4. Corona Modular Circular Planter
    BX60 103 Corona Modular Circular Planter
    From £6,426.00
  5. Aqua Corona – Circular Water Feature
    BX60 103 Aqua Corona Water Feature Aqua Corona - Circular Water Feature
    From £6,426.00
  6. Cube Modular Seats & Tables
    BX60 Cube Modular Seats Tables Cube Modular Seats & Tables
    From £653.00
  7. Cube Planter
    BX60 106 C Planter Cube Planter
    From £653.00
  8. Quattro Planter
    BX60 116 B Planter Quattro Planter
    From £516.00
  9. Quattro Seat/Table
    BX60 116 Quattro Seat/Table
    From £516.00
  10. Drum Modular Seat
    BX60 113 A Seat Drum Modular Seat
    From £491.00
  11. Drum Modular Coffee Table
    BX60 113 B Coffee Table Drum Modular Coffee Table
    From £668.00
  12. Drum Modular - Set of 6 Seats & Coffee Table
    BX60 113 D Drum Modular - Set of 6 Seats & Coffee Table
    From £3,614.00
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