Be Smart about Waste Management

NetBin products are at the cutting edge of waste management technology.

The nPod Sensor and accompanying Bin Management System (BMS) are bursting with innovative features. With ultrasonic sensors and a wireless network, local authorities can tackle waste collection efficiently, long before it becomes a problem.

So how does it work?

  • First, you install nPod Sensors in a network of either new or existing litter bins.
  • The BMS then uses smart technology to create a plan based on bins that need emptying.
  • Local authority employees receive this data as an efficient, economical collection route, sent straight to their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Results are immediate, and highly beneficial. But don’t take our word for it – see how it looks in the real world…

How did Derby City Council get on with the NetBin waste management technology?
netBin Derby Trial Infographic - Waste Management Technology - Broxap

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Read the details of Derby City Council’s foray into the world of waste management technology!

An innovative solution to a common problem… Derby City Council approached Broxap to see if we could find a cost-effective solution to their bin problem. After years of frequent complaints from the public about street bins overflowing with litter, they agreed to trial an excellent piece of Broxap technology…” [Read more]




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The nPod Sensor – BX45 nPod “Download spec sheet or read an overview of this product’s features from materials to technology…”

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The nTag – BX45 nTag

“Each time a cleaner empties a bin the netBin cloud is notified of its GPS position, the duration the cleaner was at the bin, and distance the cleaner is from the unit… The netBin app will alert managers whenever bins have not been visited to their required…” [Read more]

Derby Standard Litter Bin – BX45 2550-S

“One of the key factors in the success of this range is its unique door bar hinge system. This has seen the bin used throughout the UK. Not a single door has been forcibly removed in over 25 years…” [Read more]