Canopies and shelters for modular building design

Canopies and shelters for modular building design
Canopies and shelters for modular building design
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Maximise the benefits of modular construction with the addition of a canopy or walkway for a complete building solution.
Prefabricated buildings today have come a long way in terms of quality, appearance and longevity. Initially seen as an interim solution to a need for housing following the Second World War, modular buildings are now built to sophisticated design standards resulting in sturdy, consistent units.
In fact some reports show the global modular construction market is expected to double in value by the year 2030, thanks to the appeal of its flexibility and effectiveness.
Just like any other development or construction scheme, maximising the advantages of offsite manufactured buildings includes also improving outdoor spaces to enhance the overall environment.
Broxap’s canopies and walkways lend themselves equally to modular buildings as they do to existing architecture and traditionally built developments.

What are modular buildings?

Modular building construction, also known as offsite construction, is when components of a building are produced and assembled in a factory setting.
Known as modules or pre-designed and constructed sections, these modules are then delivered to site for installation.
Modular buildings may be permanent or relocatable and have grown in popularity as a viable alternative to traditional construction methods.

Why use modular construction?

This modern method of construction is already being employed across all key national infrastructure including education, healthcare, defence and public sector estates such as those run by the Ministry of Justice.
It’s also being used by social housing providers as well as wider public sector organisations.
Solutions include tailor-made modular building projects which meet unique requirements as well as tried and tested sector specific designs.
Among the developments in modular building are huge advances in design capability, creating endless possibilities in terms of building function and style. 
Modular construction techniques can be employed for new buildings, extensions to existing buildings or used as part of a refurbishment scheme.
All of these types of modular building can be further complemented and enhanced – whether it be through the addition of an entrance canopy to extend a warm welcome beyond the front door, or a covered walkway to link different areas of a site for a unified and inclusive environment.

What are the benefits of modular construction?

The efficiency of modular or offsite construction methods is one of the key benefits. Construction is said to be between 30% to 50% faster than traditional building techniques. 
This makes modular building a preferential choice for projects where time is a critical factor. In Derby, Broxap partnered with contractor Morgan Sindall Construction on a school rebuilding project where timing was of the essence.
Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School was left in ruins following an arson attack in October 2020. Modular construction methods enhanced the efficiency of the rebuild – essential for getting pupils back together in class and minimising the impact on their learning.
Meanwhile our teams accelerated the design and manufacture of a freestanding Newcastle Monopitch Canopy to meet the tight deadlines to install on site so children had access to outdoor learning areas on their return.
By assembling in controlled conditions, modular construction results in less on-site disruption, essential for projects involving live working sites such as clinical environments.
And by constructing in one location, modular building projects also deliver sustainability benefits through a reduction in deliveries of materials to site as well as journeys by personnel.
Economically there are savings too as the controlled construction environment eliminates delays due to conditions such as bad weather while the module system allows for expansion in the future.
With high-end reliability and ongoing use a key feature of modular buildings, producing well thought out schemes with high-quality outdoor areas will provide added value.

Canopies for modular building schemes

Broxap is the ideal partner for canopies, shelters and walkways for modular construction projects.
Our in-house teams are all based on one site, allowing us to work flexibly with our partners and offer up-to-date, accurate information on issues such as lead times.
We provide an end-to-end design, manufacture and installation service, allowing contractors and clients to concentrate on what they do best while we take care of the outdoor infrastructure.
Our market leading products offer endless options for outdoor improvements such as connecting modules with a covered walkway, providing outdoor classrooms with direct access to shelters from indoor facilities, inspiring confidence among visitors with an entrance canopy, and expanding the functionality of a scheme with outdoor dining areas.
Broxap is a recognised, trusted partner to key contractors and end users across the UK with a proven track record for delivering high performance canopies and walkways and bringing custom designs to fruition.

The continuous introduction of sustainable manufacturing methods in our own production facility further enhances the green credentials of any modular building project. 
Broxap supports all types of outdoor improvement projects including modular building schemes. Call our teams today for more information.