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Broxap seizes the potential of digital transformation

Broxap seizes the potential of digital transformation
Broxap seizes the potential of digital transformation
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Broxap combines precision craftmanship, decades of manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technology to produce a market-leading range of street furniture, shelters and canopies, cycle parking products and outdoor gym and play equipment.
We believe in making a difference, in bringing about real benefits for the communities we help to transform and for clients delivering improvements to outdoor spaces.
Investment in the latest digital systems and processes unites these values to support robust supply chain partnerships and add value to projects we collaborate on.

Robot welding system

Our Staffordshire production facility has invested in industrial robotics to increase efficiency and improve lead times.
The Olympus Technologies Universal Robot UR20 welding system automates simple and repetitive processes with consistent results.
As well as producing high quality welds, this investment streamlines the production process, better utilises our factory space and reduces waste thanks to digital accuracy.

Energy saving powder coating technology

The Eurotherm powder coating system is unique to Broxap and is delivering benefits for partners, our workforce, and the wider environment.
In addition to enhancing business performance, this smart factory technology reduces reliance on natural resources such as water and is highly energy efficient.
By optimising the powder coating process, we have increased capacity while continuing to meet our own high standards for product finish and durability.

In-house laser cutting

Investing in new fibre laser cutting technology has also improved our carbon footprint. As well as producing fewer emissions than its CO2 counterparts, installing the Amada Ensis fibre laser cutter has removed the need to send products off site.
This has reduced our vehicle movements and given us and our clients greater control over the final product finish and custom fabrication options.
The automated fibre laser has a nine-shelf tower system which can operate 24/7 helping us to remain competitive for our clients and increasing capacity at the same time.

5-axis CNC machining

The smart factory integration extends to our timber workshop where we have invested in 5-axis CNC machining.
This high-quality, high-precision manufacturing method contributes to the streamlining of our processes, with the purpose-built timber workshop able to overcome the most complex technical challenges.
Our machinists and CNC operatives work alongside carpenters, joiners and woodworkers to maximise the capabilities of our workforce.

Time-saving machinery

With all of our operations on one site, our design engineers have quick and easy access to our production team. This results in clear and concise communication with our clients and supply chain partners.
The addition of a number of new press brakes with automatic tool change (ATC) function has enabled us to process varied batch sizes to accommodate smaller lots and shorter lead times.
The ATC also reduces set up times, and provides a more varied working day for operators.  

Embedding a culture of change

All areas of our business have been reviewed with digital transformation opportunities identified and developed, including the addition of an online BIM library, Sage order management software and enhanced traceability systems.
This integrated approach has resulted in a more efficient, sustainable business, utilising technology and the skills of our workforce to deliver improvements to all of our partners.
From design to installation, Broxap Street Furniture continues to offer long-life products and a service to meet customer need and aspiration.