The Kingsway School, Cheadle, Stockport

Outdoor Dining Canopy at The Kingsway School - Broxap
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This school contacted Broxap in regard to replacing an existing walkway and creating a new outdoor dining area. After a visit from one of our Specialist Sales Experts it was deemed that the cost to remove and recover the area of the older walkway would be to expensive for the school to undertake, however Broxap worked around this and gave the school a solution that incorporated the older walkway whilst also being more cost effective and in range with the school’s budget.

The result was a long and slender version of the Broxap Newcastle Senior Shelter that sheds water to the existing drainage keeping the area beneath dry and usable for students.

Columns were inset either side for drainage and more importantly there was no real ‘clash’ between the existing structure columns and the new ones.

Trees were removed from the area to allow the whole courtyard to be utilised, existing lighting and seating stayed in place whilst the large scale canopy now provides extra cover for large groups of students to socialise all year around.

Access was restricted to the courtyard and with this in mind at the design stage Broxap factored this element into the design allowing elements to be shipped into the space and assembled during the Easter Break after ground works were completed during half term to minimise disruption to the school.