Transition Extreme Sports, Aberdeen

Transition Extreme Sports, Aberdeen
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Transition extreme sports, a popular venue in Aberdeen, sought to enhance its facilities by providing new shelters for their visitors. The centre attracts over 80,000 visits a year with their range of activities, which also include martial arts facilities, creative arts zones and indoor café and community facilities.

The arena required two structures—a cycle parking shelter and a café shelter- designed to withstand heavy use and varying weather conditions.

After carefully considering the client’s requirements, our Design and Build team proposed a custom design of our new Forest Shelter, featuring a combination of softwood timber and steel to ensure durability, aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The café shelter was designed to offer a comfortable and welcoming space for people to relax and enjoy refreshments, while also providing protection from the elements. The steel used the shelter was galvanised, zinc-coated, and polyester powder-coated to RAL3020 Traffic Red, while the softwood timber provided a sturdy frame. The clear polycarbonate roof complemented the overall design.

Transition Extreme says the new café has the “potential to bring so much more to the people of the area and the local economy, improving urban vitality and promoting wellbeing, health and happiness”.

The cycle parking shelter featured eight customised version of our popular Sheffield Extra Cycle Stands, designed to accommodate 24 bicycles. These were modified to remove the crossbar and finished with a powder coating to RAL3020 Traffic Red. The practical layout of the shelter allows for easy access and parking.  

Working with Travis Perkins during the installation phase, Broxap's use of durable materials and expert craftsmanship ensured that the shelters would withstand the demands of the extreme sports arena environment.

The successful design and manufacture of the custom cycle shelters for Transition Extreme Sports highlighted Broxap's ability to deliver tailored solutions that combine functionality, durability, and visual appeal.

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Aberdeen, Scotland

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