Litter Bins

Our flagship litter bins range is built to last. Offering the toughest, most durable products on the market, Broxap Street Furniture is renowned for the quality of its litter and recycling bins.

Incorporating sustainable materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, we have a litter bin for every location and need.

Broxap Street Furniture serves a variety of markets, supporting the likes of schools, universities and colleges; local authorities; businesses; architects; charities; the travel sector and construction companies. With such a varied customer base, our litter bins have a variety of functions, from collecting cigarette waste to separating out recyclable materials. And because keeping outdoor spaces clean and green is part of our mission, we are experienced in customising our external recycling bins and litter bins to match customer branding or to complement the design of a location. Our range of litter bins comes in a variety of shapes, including traditional square and round litter bins as well hexagonal and slimline versions of our most popular products.

Our wheelie bin housings, double and large capacity bins are perfect for areas of high use such as shopping centres, while our high-quality steel litter bins are a consideration for areas of vandalism. We also have a Hi-Vis Security Litter Bin for transport interchanges such as bus and railway stations; dog waste bins for parks and walking routes; and grit bins for residential and commercial areas.

Our collection of commercial litter bins includes wall mounted and post mounted litter bins and we can supply indoor recycling bins for collecting waste and recyclables. Our steel litter and recycling bins are incredibly long-lasting. In fact, we’re so confident in their performance we offer a market-leading 12-year anti perforation warranty; 12-year galvanised steel base warranty and a two-year parts and labour guarantee.

We also offer concrete units, plastic bins, timber, cast iron litter bins and stainless steel bins. All of our litter bins, recycling bins and waste management products can be adapted to include extras such as ashtrays, seagull flaps and bait bases. Whatever our customers’ needs, we’ve got a bin to help achieve all waste management aims.

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  1. Derby Wheelie Bin Housing
    BX45G 2552 Derby Wheelie Bin Housing
    From £499.00
  2. Derby E Wheelie Bin Housing
    BX45G 2552-E Derby E Wheelie Bin Housing
    From £399.00
  3. Buxton Litter Bin
    BX45G 2563 Buxton Litter Bin
    From £319.00
  4. Athena Steel Litter Bin
    BX45G 2562 Athena Steel Litter Bin
    From £339.00
  5. Derby Hi-Vis Security Litter Bin
    BX45 2550-HI-VIS Derby Hi-Vis Security Litter Bin
    From £399.00
  6. Derby BBQ Secure and Fire Resistant Waste Bin
    BX45G 2550-BBQ Derby BBQ Secure and Fire Resistant Waste Bin
    From £455.00
  7. Derby Wall Litter Bin
    BX45G 2550-WB Derby Wall Litter Bin
    From £283.00
  8. Weyburn Open Top Litter Bin
    BX14 203/LB Weyburn Open Top Litter Bin
    From £398.00
  9. Derby Hercules Post Mounted
    BX45G 2556 Derby Hercules Post Mounted
    From £185.00
  10. Derby Hexagonal Litter Bin
    BX45G 2589 Derby Hexagonal Litter Bin
    From £460.00
  11. Derby Double Recycling Bin
    BX45G 2550-D-RC Derby Double Recycling Bin
  12. Derby E Double Recycling Bin at Tunstall
    BX45G 2550-D-RC-E Derby Double E Recycling Bin
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Items 25-36 of 134