Engaging with a responsible supply chain

Engaging with a responsible supply chain
Engaging with a responsible supply chain
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Transparency along the supply chain doesn’t start and end at Broxap for our partners.
Our clients can be sure they are working with a responsible business that takes social value and environmental impact seriously, and those standards also apply to our own supplier base.
We recognise that as well as investing in sustainable manufacturing systems at our production facility, we can further develop best practice and encourage environmental care along the network of companies involved in the creation of our products and services.
Our procurement team is led by Manufacturing Director Matthew Miles, ensuring a seamless connection between goods in and goods out and the ability to provide a detailed account of product traceability.
Through our Environmental Management System, we outline specific approaches to overcoming environmental challenges, chart the progress towards our goals and maintain accurate records  of the third party organisations we work with.

Product and material traceability

The Environmental Management System ISO14001 works hand in hand with our Quality Management System ISO9001 to ensure the processes in place, as well as the materials we use, result in high calibre products.
These standards are communicated throughout Broxap and our production teams are highly experienced in feeding essential information across to all colleagues involved in the product journey, from the issuing of a bill of materials (BOM) to final inspection stage.

These policies and procedures provide the data needed to evidence our environmental achievements and enable us to benchmark specific stages in our improvement programme.
As well as product traceability we believe in material traceability, working with suppliers who share the same vision and values as Broxap.
In addition to improving sustainability, tracking the origin of materials also aids efficiency and performance.

Benefits for a circular economy

Sustainability charity WRAP says 45% of global emissions can only be tackled by the way we make and use products.
It has a vision for a circular economy in the UK, with a shift away from a throwaway culture and a focus on eliminating waste, maximising resources and low-carbon systems.
As the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of recycling bins, many of our products are created to fundamentally support and encourage reduce, reuse and recycle habits.
In addition to facilitating this within our communities we aim to apply these principles to our product manufacturing systems.
Under Project Transform, our continuous investment programme, manufacturing processes are being enhanced at our factory to encourage sustainable product consumption and reduce pressure on the environment. 
This includes reusing products, materials and packaging where possible, such as pallets as outlined in our blog here: Repurposing pallets for a greener future, and turning waste into clean energy with wood waste heaters on site (find out more here: Investing in our future at Broxap Street Furniture) and Zero Waste to Landfill certification.
We are also measuring our impact on the environment and setting objectives for reducing emissions as part of net zero targets outlined here: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Broxap Street Furniture.
Broxap has built a reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality, long-lasting products, keeping materials in use for as long as possible as part of a circular economy.
In our Shelters, Canopies and Walkways division, our mild steel raw material is produced from 80-93% recycled steel. All the steel products from our supplier can be 100% recycled.
Aluminium glazing bars for roofing assemblies are 100% recyclable and, due to the properties of aluminium, they can be recycled an infinite number of times.

We only use a supply chain who take environmental responsibility seriously and proactively encourage a continuous culture of recycling.

Our polycarbonate sheeting manufacturer demonstrates that it recycles 100% of all polycarbonate waste during production.

Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable, and where end users cannot find a suitable nearby recycling centre we can offer a collection service to ensure that the end-to-end reuse-recycling-remake circle is maintained.

Our current provider for clear view single skin PETg UV sheeting supplies products containing 10% of internally recycled product scrap, and all of the material can be recycled at the end of life.
In our Street Furniture division, we also offer a large number of products made from recycled plastic including bollards and external seating.
Our contemporary BX60 range of benches, planters, modular seating and coffee tables is manufactured from Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET), derived from recycled plastic bottles. 
Some of our seats are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle, and our plastic litter and recycling bins range includes the Synergy which is made from 100% recycled polyethylene.

Family-owned Broxap is investing about £3 million into Project Transform to accelerate the move to a more sustainable circular economy.
Get in touch today to discuss your outdoor infrastructure project and the progress we can make towards a Net Zero future together.