Coventry University, West Midlands.

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Coventry University, West Midlands.

Working closely with DSM Demolition Ltd, Broxap helped in the creation of a temporary community hub.

With the addition of new planters and seating, this new relaxing space would provide a designated social area for university students, pupils from neighbouring schools and members of the public.

This temporary hub would sit on an expanse of land previously occupied by a hi-rise building which used to be part of the university’s student accommodation. Erected in the 1960’s, the archaic building was constructed using the “Bison Wall Frame” system resulting in falling concrete and the need to demolish earlier this year.

The land, which sits between Priory Hall and ONCAMPUS Coventry, was to be temporarily landscaped whilst ongoing discussions were taking place in regards to long term developments. As such, Broxap were contacted to provide benches and planters at the request of the client. Each of the supplied products was chosen from the Broxap timber range with adjustments to meet specific needs. These were skilfully crafted at our in-house timber workshop using sustainably sourced timber, providing an ecological solution for a typically urban area.

Broxap supplied a total of 41 planters; 30 of these were 1000 x 1000 x 500 mm with the remaining 11 being 2000 x 2000 x 1000mm. Each of these have since been filled with floral displays as well as saplings to create a small green area within their urban surroundings. In addition to the bursts of natural colour, the smaller planters include a Geotex plate in vibrant shades of blue, green, purple and more, these are fitted to the base of the product.

In addition to the planters, Broxap supplied 16 timber benches. Following a similar design, these benches provided the client with the tools to create a social area. This can be used as a community hub helping to reduce the effects of isolation amongst university students.

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