Active Travel in the UK

Active travel and safe streets design

Encourage more people to walk, wheel and cycle for everyday journeys with our inclusive active travel solutions and street furniture designs.

Walking and cycling infrastructure improvements are making a positive difference across the UK, leading to more ‘people-powered’ journeys for healthier communities and cleaner environments.

Making walking and cycling safer for all is one of the first steps to creating a successful active travel network.

Having the right equipment and public realm infrastructure in place also makes it easier for people to change their travel behaviour, complementing active design that effectively links schools, homes, workplaces, retail areas, healthcare facilities and leisure sites.

Convenience is key to delivering local authority active travel strategies, taking into account onward journeys using sustainable transport options such as rail or bus travel to connect people to wider services.

The government wants walking, wheeling or cycling to be the natural first choice for shorter journeys or as part of longer journeys.

At Broxap we offer a joined-up approach to implementing active travel plans with our clients thanks to the benefits of our single-source supplier service.

We design, manufacture and install a wide range of active travel infrastructure from our UK base including accessible cycle parking products, external seating, bollards, pedestrian railings, and other equipment which enables active travel.

Browse our products online or contact our teams to discuss how to achieve maximum impact from your cycling and walking investments.

Secure Cycle Parking 

Providing cycle parking facilities which are secure, offer high visibility and are easy to access gives cyclists the confidence to get on their bikes more often, for shorter everyday journeys.

Our wide range of shelters, hubs and compounds includes stylish designs and customisation options for all types of location, from residential areas to business districts, schools and hospitals as well as transport hubs like bus and railway stations.

We also offer cycle lockers and enclosed cycle drums for on-street cycle storage as well as high-capacity and two-tier cycle shelter options.

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Accessible Cycle Stands

Our range of highly durable and reliable cycle stands includes parking solutions for all types of bicycles including non-standard and adapted bikes. 

Design factors such as comfort, ease of use and the ability to safely secure cycles are all taken into account to deliver highly usable and dependable cycle parking facilities.

Two-tier parking systems, high-capacity cycle parking racks as well as single stands and scooter racks are available as well as modern space-saving designs.

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Inclusive Seating Designs

Safe and attractive streets where people want to spend time are crucial for successful active travel schemes.
Well-located street furniture such as seats and benches not only provide places for people to rest, they contribute to social inclusion bringing people together to spend time in their communities.

With reduced pollution through fewer car journeys and more active travel trips, people are more likely to engage with outdoor spaces for better health and wellbeing.

Our inclusive designs include wheelchair accessible picnic tables as well as backrests and armrests which are ideal for priority active travel routes such as those linking healthcare facilities, shopping areas, residential areas and schools and colleges.

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Traffic Bollards

Sensitive bollard design and implementation contributes to safe and secure neighbourhoods which encourage active travel.

Pedestrianisation schemes to prioritise the movement of people rather than vehicles help to connect residents and visitors to the places they need to access in the course of their everyday lives.

Our bollard range includes removable and fold-down bollards to create flexible and multi-functional outdoor spaces.

Permanent bollards, including base plated and root-fixed options, can be used to protect green spaces or provide guidance for walkers and cyclists with the addition of reflective banding and lights.

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Pedestrian guardrails

Protecting people from hazards along their walking, wheeling or cycling routes may incorporate safety guardrails or post and rail fencing.

Our tried and tested designs can be manufactured to include handrails for additional support as well as safety features to ensure guide dogs can’t walk under rails, and all those travelling along the route, including children and wheelchair users, remain visible.

Commonly used in waterside locations, our post and rail systems feature anti-corrosion properties to ensure a long and safe service life.

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High-quality planters are an attractive method of widening pavements, closing roads to traffic and segregating cycle lanes.

As well as reducing traffic, our stylish planters can help to encourage people to make more use of their outdoor spaces, creating pockets of urban greening to support better physical and mental wellbeing.

In addition to complementing the natural environment, using planters in active travel schemes can reduce the amount of construction works involved in building walking and cycling networks while boosting biodiversity. 

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Clear signage is needed for wayfinding purposes along active travel routes and to ensure facilities such as cycle parking are visible and easy to locate.

Directional signs such as columns with finger posts are available from Broxap as well as informational signage such as outdoor notice boards and static display cases. 

Quality signage supports safer and more accessible links for pedestrians and cyclists and our modern and traditional designs can improve the streetscape.

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