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A new Litter Plan drawn up by North Lincolnshire Council has been supported by Broxap Street Furniture through the design and manufacture of large capacity litter and recycling bins.
The council announced in the summer of 2022 that it would be taking a zero-tolerance approach to littering across its town centres.
As well as the continuation of litter warden patrols, the council agreed to double the size of its on-street litter bins as well as increase the number of times they are emptied.
The Litter Plan also included the roll-out of public information and awareness campaigns.
A total of 230 litter and recycling bins were ordered by the council in the latest phase of the plan.
This included the Derby E Double Recycling Bin with a 240-litre capacity, designed to hold general litter as well as separate out mixed recyclables like bottles, cans and paper.
Derby E Litter Bins were also supplied.
The galvanised steel litter and recycling bins also feature ashtrays to reduce cigarette waste and a protective powder coated exterior.
As the bins were being installed across the towns and parishes in the unitary authority area, they were powder coated either black or anthracite grey according to the location.
We used laser cutting technology to incorporate the customer’s name.
Councillor Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We will not rest until people stop dropping litter and we have pledged to keep doing our bit so there can be no excuses.
“There are hundreds of bins across the areas and we are now installing even more to ensure there is no reason why people litter.”

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