Sea View Centre, Parkstone, Poole

Drop Off Canopy at Sea View Centre - Broxap
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Sea View in Parkstone, Poole is a busy centre providing leisure and learning opportunities for adults with disabilities. An investment of almost £1.5 million was sanctioned to modernize the building with Morgan Sindall Plc being the main contractor.

The main entrance and reception area was to be upgraded to improve access. Broxap Ltd were commissioned to design an entrance / drop off canopy that would not only set the scene for the modern refurbishment, but also allow for a covered vehicular drop off point that would give passenger access whilst protected from the elements. This was achieved by installing a canopy that achieved a 3 metre height clearance, 5.84 metre width and extending nearly 12 metres from the entrance doors.  The design of the canopy was based on Broxap’s Newcastle Duopitch Canopy.  To allow light to flood into the area beneath the canopy the roof was clad in 6.5mm laminated glass.

To compliment the main entrance canopy a second entrance canopy was installed at the side entrance to the building, whilst smaller in dimensions this canopy mirrored the style and look of the main entrance canopy.

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