Broxap Shelters are used for a wide variety of purposes and designed to suit any location and environment. We can provide shelters to schools, offices and other public places. Whether you choose one of our standardised covered areas or choose a bespoke covered walkway, Broxap can help. From initial consultancy through to a fully installed shelter, canopy or walkway Broxap can offer you a stylish and practical exterior solution.

Broxap’s shelters, canopies and walkways division can offer you a design and build solution from the initial consultancy right through to the installed and finished product. Our customers liaise directly with our fully qualified experts providing assurance and confidence throughout your project.

We supply a comprehensive range of shelters and cycle storage solutions which are suitable for applications such as schools, offices and other public realm locations.

Whether you choose one of our bestselling 'off the shelf' Wardale shelters (as can be seen in Honilands Primary, Enfield, Middlesex) or our bespoke glazed entrance canopies, Broxap provide a multi-faceted service to suit your needs.

Our Shelters can be specifically designed to be used within a sporting environment such as football, golf and athletic clubs. These shelters may also be used by schools or community centres. We have even provided dug out shelters to Stoke City FC, Heart of Midlothian and Derby County.

We provide smoking shelters to offer protection for smokers in adverse weather conditions, which are available in four sizes with multiple entry and exit points and complete with a range of components such as seating and cigarette bins.

Broxap also supply timber shelters, made by Hand Made Places and Playline Design Limited at Broxap playground equipment division. They serve with a double function; both outdoor classroom facility and provides sun protection during play hours.

Broxap often provide bespoke versions of its popular range of shelters, to accommodate a large quantity of cycles, motorcycles and also provide shelter for public use. Broxap incorporate cycle racks, such as the Sheffield toast rack to shelters.

Broxap’s modular cycle shelters help to maximise cycle parking spaces by positioning shelters in an opposing formation. Gates can then be added to form a cycle storage compound, by adding the security gates which helps to increase the cycle protection. Broxap offer a variety of locking options from a simple hasp and staple to swipe cards and digital locks.

As part of our cycle storage compound range, Broxap also offer internal lockers; these allow users of the cycle compound to deposit their helmets and other cycling items safely as well as securing their bicycle.

Broxap’s cycle storage compounds are formed by opposing two shelters to create a versatile and attractive shelter. By adding roof panels the shelter can be made totally secure.

We are able to supply and install multiple-bay cycle shelters, which increase the capacity of bicycle parking; this can apply to many of our shelters, even if you already have one installed!

Broxap’s entrance canopies are designed to offer shelter whilst lifting the face of an existing structure. Our wide variety of designs with bespoke options, allow the customer to choose the right exterior for their office or school; customising with school or company colours.

Our canopies offer a rainwater dispersal system whereby, adding guttering and downpipes, disperses rainwater from the roof quickly and easily. The downpipes can be also positioned above a water butt to collect rainwater for eco gardens.

Our canopies can be added to existing building structures, for example, Ursuline Primary School, Wimbledon, who chose Broxap to create a canopy suitable to provide shelter for the Performing Arts bandstand show area.

We offer cost effective covered walkways to suit any purpose from shopping arcades to University campuses, with a variety of roof shape and styles to match existing architecture. We have even created a bespoke environmentally-sustainable covered walkway for South Cheshire College fitted with solar panels. These additional eco features were added to a covered walkway derived from the standard John Fisher cantilever shelter.

Broxap can counter any complex configurations and our walkways can accommodate complex turns, angles and fluctuations in levels to follow existing buildings and paths. We can affix side screens to our covered walkways which allow the facility to give protection from inclement weather and the ability to add artwork or information notices, this can be most beneficial in school playground and entrances. For additional security to our covered walkways we have optional lighting, where the customer can choose to add solar lighting LED’s which create added security after sundown.

Broxap is able to create contemporary style covered walkways to help enhance the entrance and modernise the surrounding area, as well as manufacturing traditional styled covered walkways to create a sense of heritage. A prime example of one of our heritage-designed covered walkways can be seen at Houndshill Shopping Arcade, Blackpool.

Broxap’s showerproof shade sails fabric structures offer a stylish and visual statement to protecting children from long exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. We offer an economical range of shower-resistant shade sails which feature high quality knitted fabric that is engineered to block up to 99% of the sun’s rays and reduce the air temperature by up to 32%. Available in a variety of colour combinations our shade sails and canopies can be supplied in a variety of coloured fabrics, with over twenty vibrant colours to choose from!

As part of our Shelters, Canopies and Walkways range Broxap is able to supply Waterproof Tensile Structures which comprise tensioned fabric mounted on steel or aluminium structures. Modular in design these structures offer dynamic shapes that can incorporate lighting and different coloured fabrics all with a strength and outstanding durability. Our Leafy Glade Recreation Shelter can be seen in Whitefield Primary school, Liverpool, and the teachers can now successfully utilise the space as a teaching area.

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