Bury Bandstand

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Traditional style bandstand that is produced using modular components allowing a quick and easy installation, utilising lightweight sections to achieve stability whilst maintaining aesthetics.


  • Architectural cast aluminium feature columns, eaves beams and ball/finial to top of roof
  • Open soffit to expose profiled aluminium roof support structure
  • Central roof support adorned with cast aluminium feature finial
  • Aluminium roof sheeting
  • No guttering


  • Modular design, utilising lightweight sections to achieve stability whilst maintaining aesthetics

Single Unit Size:

  • Across corners: 8115mm Across flats: 7500mm
  • Pitch circle diameter (PCD) of columns: 7000mm
  • Height overall: 6350mm (5400mm excluding finial)
  • Height to underside of eaves: 3200mm

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