Timber Canopies

Timber Canopies provide a beautifully natural appearance while sustaining the strength and durability associated with steel canopies. Available as canopiescycle sheltersentrance canopies, outdoor classrooms and large outdoor covered area. Timber canopies are particularly suited to green areas such as parks, public gardens and nature reserves.

Timber shelters and canopies are also particularly popular amongst schools to offer an outdoor free flow learning area while preserving a natural feel.

The timber canopies that we offer are an environmentally friendly solution, with, when undertaking to do so, all of their timber being procured from renewable sources where planting rates are controlled to ensure growth exceeds harvested quantities.

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  1. Delamere Timber Symmetric Canopy
    BXMW/DEL-SYMM Delamere Timber Symmetric Canopy
  2. Delamere Timber Asymmetric Canopy
    BXMW/DEL-ASYM Delamere Timber Asymmetric Canopy
  3. Delamere Timber Monopitch Canopy
    BXMW/DEL-MONO Delamere Timber Monopitch Canopy
  4. Great Oaks Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/GOAKS Great Oaks Entrance Canopy
  5. Darell Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200012 Darell Gazebo
    From £5,245.00
  6. Caversham Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200016 Caversham Gazebo
    From £3,985.00
  7. Willingdon Gazebo
    BX/HMP 200013 Willingdon Gazebo
    From £2,237.00
  8. Anglesey Pavillion
    BX/HMP BSP-200021 Anglesey Pavillion
  9. Open Pergola
    BX/HMP 200017 Open Pergola
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9 Items