Cycle Shelters & Storage

Continued demand for cycling in the UK has expanded our product development catering for a much wider community. Increasing expectations for security and style has led us to the innovation of several exceptional cycle parking solutions.

Broxap offers the largest range of cycle shelters, secure cycle compounds and cycle retaining systems in the UK. We offer a variety of cycle shelters and ancillary products to suit every budget and requirement. Cycle shelters can be tailor designed to suit existing surroundings.

Broxap design, manufacture and install durable and stylish cycle shelters. Our simplistic approach to cycle parking makes us a popular choice for producing efficient cycle shelters and cycle parking solutions where space is limited. The hi-rise two tier cycle storage system provides the opportunity to house twice as many bikes as a traditional cycle rack. The hi-rise is an ideal cycle storage solution for railway stations, colleges, residential areas, for examples within flats and other transport interchanges where multiple cycles need to be parked.

The Wardale is our most popular and versatile cycle shelter. It has a simplistic approach which allows it to be applied in a single element or corresponding banks of units. It’s versatility allows the shelters to be retro-fitted with extensions at a later date pushing the parking capacity upwards whilst keep installation costs low.

Our range of cycle parking solutions includes cycle shelters, cycle hubs, cycle stands and racks as well as space saving cycle parking solutions. Bespoke designs of cycle shelters and our cycle parking range are available to suit any requirements.

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