Commercial Canopies

Broxap specialise in designing canopies and covered walkways that provide structurally sound and stylish solutions for every type of external requirement. Whether it's their standard or bespoke designs, all canopies work to complement our entire street furniture range.

Canopies and covered walkways are available in both traditional or contemporary styles, these which include glazed structures, polycarbonate canopies, timber structures, cast iron and fabric canopies. In addition, Broxap also have a number of roofing options, which include transparent polycarbonate, glass solutions or opaque architectural cladding.

The versatile canopy styles, materials and flexibility in design means that our canopies suit any application. Uses can include a playground canopycanopies, outdoor dining areas, and passenger waiting shelters, to name a few. Canopies are available as standard or bespoke designed to any requirements

Covered walkways provide a cost effective solution to create a link walkway. Suitable for many purposes from universities and hospitals to shopping arcades and schools. Covered walkways provide a link walkway between existing buildings, providing protection from the weather. Changes in height, direction and roof profile are all easily integrated into our walkway offering which is bolstered by our Design and Build service.

Bespoke Canopies and Walkways

As part of the bespoke Design and Build service, we offer a complete bespoke solution from the initial consultancy through to the installed and finished product. As part of our bespoke canopies and walkways service, they also offer optional extras such as the inclusion of guttering, side screens, solar lighting, a colour range, as well as other add-ins.

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  1. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-TRI-PB Triangle Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
  2. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-HYS-PB Square Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
  3. Newcastle Monopitch
    BXMW/NEWS/MONO Newcastle Monopitch Canopy
    Special Price £1,533.00 RRP £1,804.00
  4. Newcastle Senior Symmetric
    BXMW/NEWS Newcastle Symmetric Canopy
    From £2,901.00
  5. Newcastle Senior Asymmetric at Offley Primary School, Sandbach
    BXMW/NEWS-ASY Newcastle Senior Asymmetric
  6. Newcastle Duopitch at Thistley Primary Hospital, Leicester
    BXMW/NEWS-DUO Newcastle Duopitch
  7. Newcastle Monopitch Lattice at Toynbee School, Eastleigh
    BXMW/MONO-LATT Newcastle Monopitch Lattice
  8. Newcastle Symmetric Lattice at Cambourne Village College, Cambridge
    BXMW/NEWS-LATT Newcastle Symmetric Lattice
  9. Newcastle Asymmetric Lattice
    BXMW/AYSM-LATT Newcastle Asymmetric Lattice
  10. Newcastle Duopitch Lattice
    BXMW/DUO-LATT Newcastle Duopitch Lattice
  11. Luton Walkway at Archway School, Stroud
    BXMW/LU Luton Symmetric Walkway
  12. Luton Walkway - Cathedral Primary School
    BXMW/LU-WALK Luton Walkway
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Items 1-12 of 156