Sports & Spectator Shelters

Broxap’s sports and spectator shelters provide cover from prevailing weather conditions for a variety of applications. They are ideal as school shelters and at community centres and sports clubs. With Broxap, sports and spectator shelters can be bespoke designed to suit any location or sporting environment.

Examples of the sports and spectator shelters include the Eastbourne sports spectator shelter which enhanced the sports facilities at Murcar golf driving range shelter, used to enhance their existing facilities. Both were bespoke designs by Broxap.

All of our spectator shelters provide a covered area for people watching a sporting event. We also supply a range of football dug outs shelters, that have been provided to many teams including Stoke City FC, Heart of Midlothian and Derby County.

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  1. Tewkesbury Recreation Shelter
    BXMW/TS2 Tewkesbury Recreation Shelter
    From £7,845.60
  2. Beckton Chatshak Shelter
    BXMW/CH1 Beckton Chatshak Shelter
    From £3,319.00
  3. Trojan Recreation Shelter
    BXBL/SH Trojan Recreation Shelter
    From £5,538.75
  4. Eastbourne Sports Spectator Shelter
    BXMW/EAST Eastbourne Sports Spectator Shelter
    From £5,115.60
  5. Harrowby Dugout Shelter
    BX/MW/HDS Harrowby Dugout Shelter
  6. Littleborough Dugout Shelter
    BXMW/LTD Littleborough Dugout Shelter
    Special Price From £2,064.00 RRP £2,599.80
  7. Club Team Shelter
    BXMW/HDTS Club Team Shelter
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