Single Column Monopitch Canopies

A Monopitch Canopy features a single sloped roof, supported by a number of mounts or columns. As the name suggests, a Single Column Monopitch is essentially the same but with one crucial difference.

While most canopies in the monopitch style are supported by uprights and fixings along its length, this product is supported by just one sturdy column at either side. This creates a covered space that feels much more open and is free of obstructions, with a structural design requirement that lends the canopy to smaller-scale applications.

Cycle parking shelters and passenger waiting shelters are just some of the ways a Single Column Monopitch Canopy can be used. The minimal, unobtrusive columns bring a gracefulness to this straightforward canopy and a footprint that is suited to most locations. The beauty of opting for a Single Column Monopitch as a cycle shelter is that it allows riders to park their bikes without hindrance. It provides fantastic accessibility and ample room for cycle racks and stands, as well as space for users to manoeuvre their bikes.

With load bearing purlins, anti-climb end frames and anti-tamper high strength bolts, a Single Column Monopitch Canopy is solidly built to high standards and able to withstand almost any weather condition.  Meanwhile, the gently sloped roof, guttering, and downpipes efficiently channel even the heaviest of downpours, keeping everyone and everything standing beneath dry and comfortable. 

For added security and convenience, a shelter incorporating a Single Column Monopitch Canopy even be fitted with internal lighting, and the heavy-duty galvanised steel frame can be powder-coated to complement existing colour schemes.

With 75 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of street furniture, Broxap is able to share its expertise and discuss any shelter plan to ensure it offers the best protection and service for its users.


Case Studies

Case Study

Kemball School, Stoke-on-Trent

Broxap were asked by St John and St James CofE Primary School, London to design, manufacture and install a glazed Monopitch entrance canopy to the front of the school...

Case Study

Aquinas College, Stockport

Working with Vinci Construction, this monopitch, bespoke canopy was designed, manufactured and installed into the inner concourse area of the newly built college...

Case Study

Oak Grange, Brookside Avenue, Liverpool

This large building containing flats for assisted living required a double entrance canopy/covered walkway to allow visitors and residents to traverse between buildings...

Case Study

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Glasgow

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is an acute hospital in Govan, in the south-west of Glasgow, Scotland. It sits on the site of the former Southern General Hospital...

Case Study

Royal Derby Hospital, Derbyshire

Broxap were tasked with designing and delivering a series of monopitch shelters. The school site also required items of cycle parking including both cycle and scooter racks...


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