Asymmetric Arch Canopies

Any sheltered space is instantly elevated with an Asymmetric Arch Canopy. These versatile structures can be built to various heights and widths, making them much more than a decorative installation.

Highly functional, the Asymmetric Arch Canopy has been utilised in various locations and applications. It is a design that also comes in many different styles, capturing the feel of an environment or reflecting common traits of surrounding buildings.

The Asymmetric Cambridge features a gentle arched roof and heavy duty steel frame. As a walkway canopy, it can be built to flow seamlessly from existing structures and is particularly popular for clients looking to extend from a roof that is already shaped like a wave. By contrast, the Asymmetric Castleford Walkway features a more prominent, curved arch shape. ClearView roofing results in a light and airy environment, so as not to lose the beneficial feeling of being outdoors.

Safe, strong and secure, all Broxap bespoke and standard shelters are manufactured from long-lasting, hard-wearing materials.

The Asymmetric Arch Canopy range can be developed as an open structure, such as in a covered walkway application, and can also be fitted with side panels and screens to create a more enclosed space suitable for the likes of outdoor classrooms and dining areas. This offers enhanced protection from the elements as well as a cost-effective, purposeful and useable space.

Many of our products offer the option of extensions or adaptations, making it easy to expand and enhance the outdoor covered space in the future. An Asymmetric Arch Canopy can help revitalise underused areas or act as a link between buildings.

The design adds instant interest to a site, with simple, modern shapes and contemporary finishes. Meanwhile the addition of powder coating, with a range of colours available, can make the whole structure stand out as a feature.

Case Studies

Case Study

St. Bartholomew's CofE Primary School, Quorn

Broxap have completed an outdoor classroom area for the pupils attending St. Bartholomew's CofE Primary School in Loughborough...

Case Study

Priory School (SEN), Orchard Avenue, Slough

This school had a new extension built and asked Broxap if they could provide a solution to connect the existing building with the new one...

Case Study

Premier Inn, Oxford Business Park

Broxap were asked by R. G. Carter Projects Ltd. to propose a solution for the extension built at the Oxford Premier Inn. A series of...

Case Study

Longford Park Primary Academy,

The school had a rather unique curved roof building with a large open play area beyond. The school required a covered area at each end...

Case Study

Tickford Park Primary School,

Tickford Park Primary School contacted Broxap with a view to getting an outdoor canopy, here is what Business Manager Karen Bush has to say: "I...

Case Study

Ellis Guilford School & Sports College,

The College had a requirement to create a covered outdoor area on an existing area at the rear of the dining room, this allowed pupils...

Case Study

St Joseph's Catholic Infant School,

The school has originally installed a Broxap Newcastle shelter however this year it had been noted that a change in the wind direction had brought...

Case Study

The Willows Primary School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Working for Wates Construction Ltd, this project was a good opportunity for Broxap to show our clients the versatility of our product range & methods...

Case Study

St Thomas More Voluntary Academy,

At this primary school, the use of the yard for learning through play was already a well established part of educational life. Within this outdoor...

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