BX27 Hydra

Hydra with Timber Slats
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BX27 Hydra

Quick Overview

The Hydra is an angular design which can be supplied with the addition of a timber seat, a backrest and in a range of colours.

Available on request with FSC® certified wood.

From £526.00 ex-vat.

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From £526.00 ex-vat.


Hydra standard dimensions

  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Height: 470mm
  • Weight: 520kg

Hydra dimensions with backrest

  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 740mm
  • Height: 800mm
  • Weight: 535kg


  • Inlaid seat:
    • Exotic wood - a naturally weather-resistant wood, brush painted to a 'walnut' shade.
    • Pine wood - a Scandinavian wood, pressure-treated with mineral salts.
    • Upon request - Hand made tiled or mosaic finish.
  • Steel reinforced concrete bench:
    • Available in grey or white, natural-look concrete.
    • Acrylic paints in brick red, ivory or concrete.

Calzolari acrylic finishes are alkali resistant and highly protective against harsh environments; it prevents carbonation due to its excellent resistance to carbon dioxide penetration. Furthermore, the acrylic coating works as a self-cleaning sealant which prevents growth of algae, mildew, fungus and moss.

Available on request with FSC® certified wood.

Diagram for Hydra