Maurice Wilkes Building, St. John's Innovation Park, Cambridge

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Maurice Wilkes Building, St. John's Innovation Park, Cambridge

Vinci Construction UK Ltd. were engaged in working on the new St John’s Innovation Park in Cambridgeshire. The project required a series of cycle parking solutions within a specific area; the surroundings of a £15m building known as the Maurice Wilkes Building.

In fact, it’s named after the esteemed technology pioneer Sir Maurice Wilkes and recognised as a grade A flag ship building!

Broxap provided initial solutions, however the architect’s criteria for a large scale cycle compound differed from the scope of any existing shelters.

But this wasn’t an issue for Broxap…

Our design team immediately set about producing a cycle parking solution to match the architect’s vision. Very soon, a plan was in place for a cost effective design.

The finished compound: a cycle parking solution to satisfy the brief

It features:

  • A steel slat effect (this mirrors elements of the main buildings on the campus).
  • The Broxap Two Tier Cycle Parking solution (this offers easy parking of cycles on a large scale).
  • A mechanical coded lock (this provides security access to users).

Broxap engineered this solution in the form of a Monopitch Newcastle Shelter in a run of 2 formation with Hi-Rise installed beneath.

In addition to this large scale compound, there are now other cycle parking solutions for short stay users elsewhere on the campus. Broxap also produced a single Newcastle Monopitch with Sheffield stands beneath for parking.

Finally, we supplied all shelters and racks in a galvanised finish with aluminium roof cladding panels. That means this site will have ample sustainable travel facilities for years to come.

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