Telford Town Park, Shropshire

Telford Town Park, Shropshire
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When Telford & Wrekin Council teamed up with environmental charity Hubbub for a new recycling on the go initiative, it turned to Broxap Street Furniture to manufacture its bins.
A series of 30 Derby Double Recycling Bins were ordered on behalf of the council by contractor IDverde Limited.
The 240-litre bins have been installed at Telford Town Park to make it as easy as possible for walkers, cyclists, families and other visitors to recycle their waste during their visit.
For convenience, the bins feature separate sections for general waste and for recyclables.
The recycling part of the bin, for plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans, is identifiable by its circular posting aperture and bright yellow vinyl covering featuring graphics and the message: ‘If in doubt, leave it out’.
The general litter side says: ‘Any old rubbish here’ and is for general waste including coffee cups, dog waste and crisp packets.
Telford and Wrekin Council will be working with Hubbub as part of the #InTheLoop campaign to measure the impact and effectiveness of the new bins.
The results and learnings will contribute to the development of a blueprint for other local authorities to benefit from. 
An initial 25 bins have been installed in the park. Once the Telford Town Park pilot has proved successful there will be a rollout of bins across the borough, starting with Oakengates and Newport with others to follow.
Gavin Ellis, co-founder of Hubbub, said: “Through our eye-catching bins, we want to give residents, workers and visitors a better and easier opportunity to recycle while out and about.”
The campaign is one of a series of projects Broxap has worked on for Hubbub.
The #LeedsBy Example campaign saw Broxap’s Derby Richmond Recycling Bins located throughout Leeds city centre. The bright yellow large capacity bins stand out thanks to their bespoke vinyl wraps.
The Treasure Your River campaign features bespoke litter bins asking people to ‘vote with their rubbish’ to choices such as ‘Never Eat Pizza’ or ‘Swim With Sharks’.
And the #LoveYour Forest project asks people to take their litter home or use one of our campaign-branded Derby Double Recycling Bins to separate cans from plastic.

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Telford, Shropshire

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